This is the most common form of final disposition, due to the growing number of families living in apartments or condominiums which do not allow burial and the frequency that families move. With cremation, the pet can be taken with the family.

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We offer 7 day a week pick-up service for the greater southwest Virginia area.

We will pick up your pet from your home or veterinary clinic or accept your pet at our facility. 

  We offer tours of our facilities anytime to insure the ashes you recieve are the ashes of your pet.
We will have pets ashes ready for pick up within 72 hours, in most instances pet ashes will be ready for pick up at our office the next business day.
Your pet is cremated individually and returned to you in the urn of your choice. This method gives you a chance to memorialize your pet in a way that best suits your relationship and emotional needs. Many items can be personalized to best represent how your pet impacted you and your family’s life.
Attention Animal Hospitals:
Lyle's Pet Cremations is more than happy to come to your practice and educate your staff on our services at no charge, so that you may be more informed and are able to offer our services to your clients in their time of need.

Please feel free to call us at (540) 489-5279 or email us at

"Only a true friend will leave paw prints in your heart..."
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